Lake Mburo National Park, Wildlife Safari Tours in Uganda

Lake Mburo National Park is located in the western part of Uganda close to Mbarara District due to the fact that it takes one only 15 minutes from Mbarara to this destination. The park is extraordinary with colour occupying an area of 260 sq. km being and is the smallest amongst Uganda’s savanna National Parks.

It includes an exceptional mosaic habitat, dry hillside, rocky outcrops, bushes thickets, open, wooded savanna forests, lakes and swamps which act as homes to big populations of flora and fauna. It also comprises of a broad area of wetlands and acts as a habitat to various species of animals which include; Buffaloes, Zebras, Impala, kobs, rare bird species with bill storks.

It has a carving terrain with revolving grassy hills and a tranquil lake shore with habitats, seasonal /permanent swamps gifted acacia wood valleys which provide wildlife with comfortability.

Activities at Lake Mburo National Park

Game Drives

Want to explore the park fully, don’t miss out on taking on a game drive so as to spot various wildlife animals especially the impala and zebras within the park. These are the mostly spotted animals in Lake Mburo and it is the only destination where you will view the grand impala and Burchell’s zebra. Game drives can be conducted on various routes as according to the weather condition and season at the time. When it is a dry season, many wildlife animals tend to assemble around the lakes and swamps hence providing appropriate opportunities for taking photographs. The eastern part of the park has game tracks includes various terrain textures like wetlands, acacia woodlands, grassy slopes, rock projections and seasonally flooded valley floors. The best time to go for a game drive is during the early mornings and late afternoons since at these times the animals are moving to different destinations around the park for food and water.

Horse back Safaris

Taking horseback safaris provides one with the opportunity to spot a variety of wildlife like the eland, buffalo, warthog, topi, impala, duiker, bushbuck, waterbuck and zebra. There are four hour hacks that enable visitors to go to the hill top where you will spot the tremendous environment of the park while taking bush breakfast/ sundowners. While on these safaris one will have the opportunity to view wildlife around the park and also feel the touch of nature through discovering its mysteries. This experience is extraordinary since while enjoying your ride zebras will come around curiously to spot the odd relative without any stripes.


Lake Mburo is gifted with a variety of different bird species inhabiting the swampy valleys of Warukiri and Miriti, platforms close to the salt licks and the forest and these include 313 different bird species like Crested Francolin, Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, Brown Parrot, Barefaced Go-away bird, Rednecked Spur, common Quails, Black-billed Barbet, Greenwood Hoopoe, Blue-napped Mousebird, Lilac-breasted Roller, African-grey Hornbill, Nubian Woodpecker, Rufous-bellied Heron, Bateleur, Coqui Francolin, Grey Crowned Crane, Black-bellied Bustard and Brown-chested Lapwing.

Also, a drive to the Rwonyo camp will enable you spot the Red necked spurfowl, Temminck’s Courser, African-wattled Plover, Rufous napped Flappet larks, Rufuos chested Swallow, Common Scimitarbill, White-headed Barbet, Red-faced Barbet,  Red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike, Long-tailed Cisticola, Yellow-breasted Apalis, White-winged Tit and Finfoot etc.

Hiking and Nature Walks

Want to experience a remarkable encounter when at Lake Mburo; don’t miss out on a guided nature walk anywhere around the park with the company of a skilled armed ranger. This will enable you enjoy the mysteries of nature without any inconveniences with in the forest (Rubanga Forest) for example, you will spot and listen to a variety of echoes from the birds in the trees which will make the entire nature trail worthwhile. Other places one could visit include the banks of the Lake, salt lick at Rwonyo where you will spot various animals since these are attracted to the salty rocks and a hilltop with beautiful sightings of the Lake.

Tails carried out on the western side of the Lake take 2 hrs and start at 7:00 am due to the fact that at this time, animals like hyenas and hippos will be retreating back to their habitats. Trails via the woodlands offer a o spot birds in the forest along with animals and that to the hilltop enables visitors to see nine of the district’s fourteen lakes.

Launch trips

Launch trips at Lake Mburo are such an exceptional activity for one to involve in and these are carried out along the shores of Lake Mburo in the east. These take approximately 2 hrs and while enjoying the cruise, one can have an opportunity to view various species of wildlife like the crocodiles, hippos, buffalo and vivid kingfishers like the prehistoric-looking Shoebill, hammer kops, splendid fish Eagles flying in the air and enjoying their habitats i.e nests. You will also have spectacular views of the magnificent terrain with thick green forest vegetation that inhabits lots of wildlife species with birds inclusive hence portraying what being in Africa really is.

Sports Fishing

Sport fishing at Lake Mburo is such an exceptional experience since one will be required to do things when their hands are on. Guests interested are advised to carry their fishing equipment and a permit from the Uganda Wildlife Authority so as to enjoy the entire activity without any inconveniences. Sport fishing is carried out at Mazinga site and Lake Mburo comprises of six species of fish for example mud fish, lung fish, haplocromes with tilapia being the most caught type of fish in Lake Mburo. These can be caught by use of various methods according to oneself though we advise one to use hooks. A shelter will be provided back at the campsite to enhance utmost relaxation for the guests after the whole activity.