Ngamba Island, Chimpanzee Viewing Feeding in Uganda

Ngamba Island is located within the vast beautiful Lake Victoria in Uganda Africa’s prominent and largest fresh water lake. The Island lies in the Southern Hemisphere and is one of Nature’s Wonders covering an area of 100 acres at S 0°6.15 and E 32° 39.21 South East of Entebbe.

Transferring to the Ngamba Island Sanctuary requires you to board a boat to take you across the vast lake and this will take you a period of 30, 45 and 90 minutes to reach the Island. From Entebbe International Airport to the Island will take you approximately 7 minutes.

The Island comprises of 95 acres of tropical Forest which act as a habitat to 49 orphaned Chimpanzees that were rescued from illegal trade as well as sale on the black market. The Sanctuary also includes numerous bird species that can be sighted by the numerous birding travelers that transfer to watch the birds of Uganda as well as Lake Victoria.

Other than chimpanzees and birds travelers at the Island can see wildlife animals like the Monitor Lizzards, butterflies and otters.

The Sanctuary was founded in 1998 to protect and care for the Chimpanzees confiscated from poachers and illegal traders by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The Chimpanzees are physically and emotionally taken care of by experienced skilled ranger guides and personnel. The Sanctuary provides medical care, food, security and socialization to the Chimpanzees.

Getting to Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island is located approximately 23 kilometers from Entebbe and requires travelers to cruise across the vast Lake Victoria for 45 minutes to the Island.

You can use a Speed Boat which takes about 45 minutes, a canoe-90 minutes to 2 hours and these set off from the Water Front Pier or Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC).

Safari Trips to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Day Trips

Day Trips to Ngamba Island usually run from morning to mid day per daily and these offer you sightings of the rescued Chimpanzees in their natural vegetation habitat. These also offer views of birds, wildlife and travelers can as well as go swimming at the equator, fishing in the lake.

Overnight Trips

Overnight Trips at Ngamba Island are exceptional to take on since they will offer you serenity to the fullest while spending your night in the African Style Cottages. You will sit around the Camp Fire where you will interact with other travelers and get to know about them. These will offer you an opportunity to watch the Chimpanzees nesting and feeding for the Night.

The Overnight includes activities i.e Boat Transfer, full board accommodation, Close encounters with Chimpanzees, Entrance, Tour/ Nature Walk to see wildlife and Sunset Boat Cruise.

These are rated according to the Peak season in the Months of January, February, June, July, August, September and December then Off Peak season in the months of March, April, May, October and


Activities at Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Chimpanzee Viewing

This is the most prominent Safari activity carried out in the Sanctuary and this involves standing at a distance with your cameras watching the Chimpanzees feed, play and communicate in their natural vegetation habitat. This activity is inclusive with the quoted price and will offer you an insight into the lives of the Chimpanzees, their names, history and personality.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is another safari activity carried out on the Island due to the numerous bird species that inhabit the green vegetation around the Island. About 120 species can be seen here and these include; all weavers.

Fishing Cruise

Fishing along Lake Victoria is another exciting Safari activity carried out and this offers remarkable fishing Adventures as you catch the popular Nile Perch using the Trolling Fishing method. As you go fishing, you will transfer with a skilled skipper who will guide you during your fishing adventure on Lake Victoria.

Sunset and Sunrise cruise

Sunrise and Sunset cruises along Lake Victoria offer you amazing holiday experience as you cruise for 2 hours enjoying the captivating skies and a backdrop of fishermen casting their nests to catch fish. Along the sunset cruise, you will view the beautiful sunset which will offer you remarkable memories as well as a picturesque experience as you sip the cold and hot drinks.