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Our Safari Travel Blog features a wide range of information regarding Primate Tracking and Wildlife Safaris, Primate Destinations and where to track thee in Africa.

We talk deep about Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Golden Monkeys, Bonobos in Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo.

These are tracked and watched using valid Trekking Permits.

Uganda Offers Gorilla Trekking Discounts


Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) offers Gorilla Trekking Discounts to all Local and International Travelers visiting the various National Parks…Read More

Bonobo Tracking & Watching in Congo

Bonobo Watching in Congo

Bonobos are primates prominently found in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the area around the Congo River, the Lomami River, the Kasai/Sankuru Rivers…Read More

Rwanda and Kenya Make a Deal to Promote Regional Tourism

Rwanda and Kenya Make a Deal to Promote Regional Tourism

A new deal between Rwanda and Kenya has been signed to promote tourism in both countries in a joint manner…Read More

UWA Gives Discounted Offers to National Parks

Uganda Gorilla Trekking Tours

Do you know that you still have a chance to visit Uganda on discounted offers? YES, Uganda Wildlife Authority has further extended discounted offers to all National Parks across..Read More

All You Need To Know About Mountain Kilimanjaro Tanzania


All You Need to know about Mountain KilimanjaroHere are the Things you need to know about Mountain Kilimanjaro and the National Park in Tanzania so as to get insights on the destinations…Read More

16 Gorilla Trekking Families in Rwanda

Gorilla Trekking Families in Rwanda

Track Rwanda’s Mountain Gorillas in their natural forest vegetation habit as you choose one of the Gorilla family group while on Gorilla Safari in Rwanda…Read More