Akagera National Park, Wildlife Safaris in Rwanda

Akagera National Park is situated at a comparatively low altitude along the border with Tanzania and includes gusty cultivated hills which are more similar to those in Rwanda. The park occupies an area of 1,200km2 and was gazzeted as a National Park in 1934 to conserve vegetation and wildlife animals that inhabit the Savannah grasslands, Mountains and Swamps.

Other than Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, Genocide Memorials and National Museums, Iby’Iwachu Cultural Center, Akagera National Park is one remarkable Safari destination in Rwanda every traveler should visit.

The park was named after the breathe taking Kagera River a diffident source of River Nile which flows along the eastern border feeding into a variety of different Lakes like Lake Ihema.

With the most diverse and scenic landscape in Africa, the savannah grassland consists of intertwined acacia woodlands, herds of elephant, hyena, stray lions, buffalo relocating from their habitats to drink water at the lakes.

Other wildlife species you will spot here are the Giraffe, zebra, antelope, chesnut-coated impala, oribi, pods of hippopotami, crocodiles, bush buck, tsessebe, largest antelope the statuesque cape eland and birds like the fish eagles, water birds, papyrus Gonolek, African birds and the peculiar shoebill stork.

Activities at Akagera National Park

Game drives

In Akagera National park game driving is the main activity carried out due to the various tracks in the park that are usually followed to spot wild life species like buffalo, elephants, hippos, zebra, crocodiles, giraffe, hyena, leopards, lions, antelopes, birds, bush baby etc. While on a game drive, you will also spot the magnificent rolling hills merging along the scenic lowland water bodies and swamps.


Akagera National Park has a variety of water birds in the East African region and is one of the relevant birding destinations in Rwanda. There are about 524 vibrant species of birds that inhabit the park and savannah grassland like the gorgeous lilac-breasted roller, black headed gonalek, heuglin’s robin-chat, grey hornbill, ross’s turaco, crested barbet.

Boat Cruise

Boat cruises are done on Lake Ihema where you will spot a variety of hippos and crocodiles moving within the water. You will also have an opportunity to spot wildlife animals like the buffalo, elephants which move from their habitats to the Lake for water as well as water birds like the shoebill stork, heron, malachite kingfisher, fish eagles, papyrus gonolek etc.

Sports Fishing

One can also take part in Sport fishing on prior request and they should carry their own fishing equipment in order to fish. The most common fish caught is the tilapia which makes Visiting Akagera National Park such an exceptional experience one shouldnot miss out while on safari vacation in Rwanda.