Meru National Park-Wildlife & Mountain Climbing in Kenya

Meru National Park is located in Kenya in the Eastern part of Meru about 350 km (220 mi) from Nairobi. The Park covers an area of 870 km2 (340 sq mi) inhabiting various wildlife animals including the African Elephant, lions, leopard, cheetah, eastern black rhinoceros, southern white rhinoceros, Grévy’s zebra, hippopotamus that can be watched by travelers from all over the world.

The Park has numerous safari attractions like the home of George and Joy Adamson, Adamson’s Falls, the burial sites of Joy Adamson and Elsa the Lioness, scenic views of Mount Kenya and River Tana.

Safari Activities to do in Meru National Park

  • Bird Watching

The Park inhabits more than 300 species of birds that can be watched buy all avid Birding Travelers from all over the world in Kenya.

  • Picnics and sundowners watching the scenic vegetation habitat and wildlife animals.
  • Camping, there are various campsites spread out around the Park.
  • Game drives and wildlife Safaris
  • O on Cultural Tour as you encounter the traditional borana and meru people.
  • Nature walks or bush walks
  • Enjoy Fishing and Rafting along River Tana
  • Mountain Biking as you enjoy scenic views of the vegetation terrain.