Sipi Falls Uganda, Hiking Tours in Uganda

Sipi Falls is a chain of three waterfalls located in the Eastern Part of Uganda in Kapchorwa District North East of Sironko and Mbale and lie exactly at the border of Mountain Elgon National Park close to the Kenya Border.

The Falls are a starting point for numerous hikes to the top of Mountain Elgon with the most prominent Route beginning in Budadiri then Sasa Trail and Sipi Trail. En-route your hike, watch the Karamoja Plains, Lake Kyoga and slopes of Mountain Elgon at a distance.

The Falls offer numerous exciting adventures to all hikers from all over the globe like Abseiling along the major 100m of the Sipi Waterfall as well as hiking the 14 bolted sport routes that are challenging.

The Sipi River/ Falls were named after the ‘Sep’ a plant indigenous to the River and resembles a wild banana.

Activities & Adventures to do at Sipi Falls

Hiking to the 3 Sipi falls

The Sipi Falls is one of the outstanding attractions in Eastern Uganda, and arguably the most beautiful waterfalls in Uganda that you should consider to visit.

The falls being located at different areas along the cliffs-dominated foothills of the Mountain Elgon, you cannot see all three of them at once. For this matter you have to hike to each of the waterfalls, following a trail approximately 7 to 8km.

It is a bit strenuous though, as there are some steep spots and rocks that give a bit of a challenge especially when it rains, the trail becoming all muddy and slippery. A walking stick comes in very handy for much needed support.

The trek meanders through villages and coffee and banana farmlands and also offers excellent views of the massive wall-like cliffs, the green slopes of Mt. Elgon from up, to the flat grounds below the foothills across Kapchorwa and in the distance panoramic views of the Karamoja plains.

On average, it takes three hours to hike all three falls, but this so much depends on ones pace & fitness levels. It is wiser though, to plan for four hours to cater for stops and time spent at the different falls. There are a number of starting points, depending on which waterfall you intend to start with or hike to.

If time is not your concern and you are confident of completing the entire hike, it is best to start from the top, and save the best & most challenging for last, and that is the main waterfall. Alternatively you can hike to the first two falls before breaking off for lunch or a break at one of the lodges and later proceed to the main falls to spend the rest of the day & probably do so some swimming in the cold plunge pool.  If you have limited time, it is best you start off with the main waterfall and see if you can continue up to the other two.

The hiking trail is not properly demarcated and at some places combines with the village footpaths, increasing the possibility of getting lost. It is therefore a must to take along a local guide(s), many of whom are natives of Sipi and know the trail very well. Porters are available too if you feel the need for one, more so during the rainy season. You will find these (porters & guides) eagerly waiting for any arriving visitor to Sipi.