All You Need To Know About Mt Kilimanjaro

All You Need To Know About Mountain Kilimanjaro Tanzania


Kirimanjaro national park is an outstanding destination located in Tanzania. The northern safari circuit is the mostly visited area by travellers on a safari in Tanzania. The park is located near Moshi city in the northern side and south of the border heading to Kenya 300 kilometers south of Kirimanjaro region equator.

Kirimanjaro national park was established in 1973 and its famously known for the outstanding massif volcano which is the heart and the basis attraction of the covers a wide range of over 75575 ha and its prominence of a large dormant volcano in the world which is snowcapped throughout the year. The Kirimanjaro Mountain is a super stunning highland surrounded with savannah and overlooking plains.

Mountain volcano is a composite volcano situated in the amazing country called Tanzania. Nature is full of surprises but it’s in Tanzania where the tallest mountain is located in the whole of Africa. The mountain is prominent for its highest peak of 5885 meters made up by the center cone known as Kibo.

The park is under the protection of the world heritages which oversees its management and conservation of the ecosystem. There was an extension of forest reserves consisting of montane forest to enlarge the park. The extension of the forest reserves to the park has greatly blessed the ecosystem and led to breeding of wildlife species hence promoting Tanzania’s tourism.

Mountain Kirimanjaro is gifted with three unique volcanic cones and this adds up to its beauty towards the eyes of travellers. These cones on the peak of mountain Kirimanjaro include Kibo which adds up the mountain’s altitude, Mawenzi and Shira.

The vegetation zones observed while ascending to the summit of mountain Kirimanjaro are eye catching and breath taking at the same time as travellers are caught up by beauty of the geological features and fauna at different zones. As you ascend from the lowest zone to the highest point, you get exposed to numerous forest vegetation zones such as montane forest, heath and moorland, alpine desert and the summit which is snowcapped.

The fascinating fact about Kirimanjaro Mountain is that it’s snowcapped year round. The higher you go the cooler it becomes and because of the height of mountain Kirimanjaro the temperatures decrease with an increase altitude. Put in mind that the mountain is near the equator dividing it into the north and southern part.

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